Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo your provide a trade calling service?

    No. We provide education in a Live environment within our Live Mentorship Room it is not your traditional trade calling room telling people when to buy and sell, we are against that approach as no on learns anything if they do not have their own plan.  We will show you how to develop yourself as a trader so that you can make your own choices and decisions with belief and confidence.

  • q-iconWhat time is your Live Mentorship Room Open?

    We open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (NOT Tuesday and Thursday) at 1.30pm London Time (8.30am Eastern) then close at 4.30pm London (11.30am Eastern).

  • q-iconWhat charting software can you use?

    I personally have used MarketDelta for Charts for over 10 years and I trade off another PC platform with TT X Trader platform. I usually recommend MarketDelta ( or Investor RT ( for Charts as it makes it easier to learn and follow along, and setup charts exactly the way that I use them. However it’s NOT the only software choices, there are many alternatives no and you can still apply The Trading Framework concepts.

    Recently Marketdelta decide to move away from the Linnsoft/Investor RT based backend and move to CQG,  whilst this can work and I have tried it, I have for now decided to try the other alternatives, and will more than likely use Investor RT form with the deltaprint plugin.

    I know others have been able to follow along well with NinjaTrader 7 and 8 with a free 3rd party plug-in by GOMI, whilst being able to replicate most if not all of my charts in a similar fashion, I heard that is not the best option and a little tricky to setup, but worth a try. There are some much better paid versions that I hear work much better and you may trial, these are by Rancho Dinero: , Advanced Market Tools:, or a great VALUE option from They all offer trials and are cheaper alternatives to MarketDelta. You may also use Sierra Charts and you can get more information at:, this is a good option for those that are on a tight budgets and its just $35 per month for the lot!

  • q-iconHow much do you need to start trading?

    There is no one answer.  This depends on many factors, just to name but a few: – Markets you decide to trade – Time Frame Perspectives – Financial Risk Capital – Psychological Risk Capital