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Preferred Broker

MindfulTraders.net is an Introducing Broker that caters to those who seek fast connectivity (low latency), worldwide exchanges and direct market access via a Professional Prop Firm in London UK. We support both retail and institutional platforms such as TT X Trader, CQG and EasyScreen Neon.

You may gain access to trading with worldwide Futures Markets, including but not limited to CME, CBOT, EUREX, ICE and others.

Please contact Kam Dhadwar - kam@mindfultraders.net Skype: kam-l2st

Visit our site here: www.mindfultraders.net

Preferred FX (Forex) Broker

http://www.xm.com/ is the best Forex broker out there and we have tried them all!

Please contact Kam Dhadwar - kam@mindfultraders.net fro more information to open an account or simply start a demo account with the link here.

Data Feed Provider

Used and recommended by Kam Dhadwar of TheTradingFramework.com!

Since 1984, DTN (now owned by Schneider Electric) has set the standard for providing streaming data services and trading solutions that accurately cover the Agricultural, Energy and Financial marketplace. DTN is a proven industry leader in the delivery of data feeds, high end analytical software, streaming quote services and customized web content. We bring together time sensitive quotes on equities, options, futures, commodities and fixed income securities, real-time news wires, historical data and more.

For a special discount contact "Dave Forss" at dave.forss@dtn.com or phone 402-255-8429 and mention "The Trading Framework".  Visit their site here: www.iqfeed.net

Charting Software

This is the Charting Software Provider of choice, used and recommended by Kam Dhadwar of TheTradingFramework.com.  Kam uses MarketDelta as it provides an excellent variety of ways of being able to organise Volume at Price Data over Price Action Charts as well as a myriad of ways to display Order Flow Data.

MarketDelta® is located in Chicago, MarketDelta® LLC is a leading provider of charting, trading, and financial data visualization software. The company began in 2003 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by traders who wanted greater transparency and better tools to trade by.  Today the company has grown into a leader serving traders, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds, banks, and investors around the globe through our innovative suite of products.  MarketDelta can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. Phone them at +1.312.922.7800 (U.S.) or +44 20 7193 6817 (U.K.), email sales@marketdelta.com or click the live chat on their homepage at: www.marketdelta.com

Ninja Trader Indicators

ninZa.co is the home of the best trading indicators for NinjaTrader platform, many of which are FREE to download. Their outstanding trading technologies are supporting thousands of traders worldwide.

ninZa.co's products are popularly known as being essential, affordable, excellent, elegant. This explains why they are highly recommended by a large majority of their thousands of users, including extraordinary fund managers, professional full-time traders, and industry-leading educators.

ninZa.co also provides one of the best market profile solutions for forex, futures, stock trading.

Browse & download their tens of FREE tools at → http://ninZa.co/free


NinjaTrader Profile and Order Flow Tools

Rancho Dinero was founded in early 2011 by Troy Schauls, known around the social media interwebs by the tongue-in-cheek alias El Duque (left, on Twitter as@RanchoDinero), as a fun side project aimed at sharing some tools he had developed and trading knowledge he had amassed.

But lo and behold, within just a few short months Rancho Dinero’s Acme Market Analytics suite found a wide and enthusiastic audience of active traders in participating markets from futures to forex.

In response, Rancho Dinero has rapidly expanded the depth and breadth of offerings for its members and it’s products are a leader in innovative market data visualization software for independent traders, market educators and limited partnerships worldwide.

Rancho Dinero’s mission is simple – provide unexpectedly fresh, exceptionally clear, top-quality technical analysis products and first-class support at an unparalleled level of value.

Live News Feed and Squawk

Established in 1999, TradeTheNews.com is the first voice “squawk box” network for real time interactive financial news event analysis, broadcasted live 24hrs-a-day for the Global Markets.

Live streams include...

  • Real-time unbiased analysis on what is going on that will affect certain individual stocks, groups of stocks, forex majors, or the entire market.
  • Forward economic calendars are unmatched for comprehensiveness and include upcoming earnings, conference calls, analyst meetings, economic numbers, industry conferences, IPO’s, lock-up expiration events, and geopolitical events.
  • An extensive database spanning over a decade covering every person, place, and thing, what they said, did, stated, or inferred. This database allows us to provide members immediate and actionable fact analysis faster and more consistently than any other service.

View their site HERE