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Gain an Edge with The Trading Framework

In Partnership with Forte Markets

WHEN: Monday 17th July 2017 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm BST London Time.

With “The Trading Framework™” any market situation can be Framed and placed into context. This then provides the base-work for every choice decision that is made throughout the day when moving through a process of Planning, Preparation through to Execution and Trade Management.

In this Event you will learn:
• Learn Auction Market Theory and and how Market Participants negotiate price.

• How to use Market Profiles to perceive and locate areas of Value.
• How to Use Profiles to Highlight extremely High Probability Support and Resistance Zones.
• How to Measure how far the market can Move away from value yet still return.
• When to look for the Market to move away from Value and potentially find a new area of value to trade around.