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"The Trading Framework®" is created by Active Futures\Derivatives Traders that specialise in teaching other traders our unique Discretionary Approach to Day Trading the Futures Markets using Market Profile, Auction Theory and Advanced Order Flow Analysis techniques. We also provide Peak Performance Coaching and Mentoring to help traders improve their Performance and Profitability.


Kam Dhadwar is a Professional Proprietary Trader based in London UK and also the owner of "The Trading Framework®". Over the  years he has grown to become a respected Discretionary Trader and Peak Performance Coach who shares his knowledge and experience with like-minded traders. Kam teaches how to understand the markets Auction Process and the Market Participants’ Behaviours using tools like Market Profile, Stage Analysis and Order Flow.

As a Certified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) with personal Trading Experience, Kam is well known for his ability to understand the obstacles that traders may face along the journey and offers practical processes and techniques to help overcome the typical issues that most traders struggle with.

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