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15th to 16th December 2018 - Saturday and Sunday 


ONLINE - 13:00 until 20:00 GMT London Time

Come and join as Kam Dhadwar shares with you the COMPLETE Trading Framework. You will learn ALL the concepts that create this framework for trading. Kam has used for over 15 years plus of Trading Experience to create the most EFFECTIVE yet SIMPLE way of Trading with Auction Market Theory and Market Volume Profile Techniques for Market Structure Analysis, with the addition of ESSENTIAL Planning and Risk Management Techniques. 

You will receive the following BONUSES for FREE worth TOTAL VALUE OF £2345 GBP!!

- Profile Trading Mastery Course - over 26 hours of Online Training -  worth £995 GBP

- Mystery of Mastery Course - Over 15 Hours of Online Training - Worth £400 GBP

- Peak Trading Performance Programme - Over 17 Hours of Online Training - Worth £750 GBP

- Perfecting Execution and Trade Management - Over 10 hours of Online Training  - Worth £250 GBP

- Futures Spread Trading Masterclass - Worth £100


Check out just some of what is included in the 2 Day Live ON-LINE Seminar ...

  • How to understand everything you need to know about Auction Market Theory in its most simple yet effective form. Cutting out the all the noise and making it easy to understand and apply.
  • Understanding how to figure out what the expected Market Participants Behaviours are whilst they negotiate the Market Price through Structure
  • Using the “Custom Value Areas” to provide a Trading Framework to help define fair and unfair prices to find the best Risk to Reward and highest probability trading Opportunities.
  • Master the Volume Profiling Techniques that are used by Kam Dhadwar with in depth discussions on how to use them practically in multiple trading scenarios.
  • Learn why the Perception of Price over Time is extremely useful and much more powerful when applying basic Price Pattern Logic around Auction Market Theory and Profiling concepts.
  • Learn what separates the average AMT Profile Trader from the best with the importance of Market Relationships; learn how to improve the probability of a trade working out by using these effectively.
  • How to prepare for trading the RIGHT way. Learn what’s important to consider and WHY!
  • You will be taught how to VISUALISE what the market may do BEFORE it does so that your unconscious mind aligns with the conscious minds plan in ADVANCE.
  • Timing and Execution – The importance Short-term Price Pattern Analysis and why its essential to visualise the swings required BEFORE engaging for execution and HOW to do this effectively in different contextual situations.
  • Advanced Order Flow Trading Techniques - Ho to move from seeing the potential entry point’s in advance right down to ENGAGING with Order Flow for execution. Learn what to look for, what it means and why it's important!
  • Advanced Trade Management Techniques using Position Sizing, Effective Risk Management, Efficient Target and Exit Strategies.
  • Why Time and Trading Volume needs to be considered in your plans and why it is essential to improve consistency.
  • You will learn specific Tools and Techniques to help you develop Discipline, Patience, Belief and Confidence.
  • And More!

 SAVE £250 and Receive over £2345 worth of Bonus Training Products


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