TTF Live Trading Room

40 hours per month of Real-Time Market Training and Trading with "The Trading Framework" Profile Trading Strategy as executed by 18 years plus Professional Derivatives Trader - Kam Dhadwar!

The Live Mentorship Room is open between 2.00-4.00pm EST (7-9pm BST).

EVERY Business DAY - Monday to Friday

The Live Mentorship Room is focused on providing quality education to traders in a LIVE real-time environment as a Professional and Highly Experienced Futures Market Trader "Kam Dhadwar" and Peak Performance Coach Trades LIVE! 

Our room is NOT a trade calling service or advisory service and is designed to be a place to learn and grow with "The Trading Framework" which utilises Auction Market Theory, Market Volume Profile and Order Flow Trading Techniques. 

“As a former equity derivatives trader with 10 years experience in investment banking, I was looking for a professional trading room with high quality standards. Before L2ST I joined a couple of rooms, but very soon I felt myself disappointed for lack of professional attitude and not consistent clear approach to trading as a business. My "Trading Framework" 1 year experience was definitely above my initial expectations: I found Kam a great educator as well as a great trader. His coherence in what he says respect the way he trades is one of his strongest points. Apart that I had the honour to meet him personally in London where I enjoyed an excellent dinner and had the opportunity to see he’s a great guy. So, it’s with my immense proud that I recommend Kam Dhadwar to everybody wants to starts trading as a business”
@VRiflesso - Italy



Kam Dhadwar BSc Hons 

Owner\Creator of "The Trading Framework" Brand, L2ST Limited and Mindful Traders LTD.

A Reknowned Professional Trader with over 15 years of Stock Index, Bonds, Currencies and Commodities Trading experience, one who is a certifed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and TLT (Time line Therapist) for over 12 years and has coached THOUSANDS of traders around the world from UK, USA to Asia and anything between.    Now also the CEO of the only Futures Derivatives Brokerage that clears Institutional so that you recieve more than 50% saving on most comissions charged by retail brokers.  Check and then

  • Your coach in the Live Mentorship Room is Kam Dhadwar, a Full-Time Professional Trader whom mainly trades the Euro Bund, Eurostoxx 50, Dax, Mini Dax, Emini S&P, Mini Dow, Crude Oil and Gold.
  • Kam benefits from both Retail and Professional Proprietary Trading experience, with his unique approach to trading with Market Volume Profile and Order Flow tools that you will not learn anywhere else!



"Kam Dhadwar's Live Training Room is the only place that I finally understood the market"
Uzi - Israel

Live Mentorship Room Package includes:

40 hours of Real-Time Market Training and TRADING with Kam Dhadwar as he trades LIVE with "The Trading Framework" Profile Trading Strategy!

  • Access to the "L2ST Trading Framework Foundation Webinar" - An in-depth Course covering the first 6 segments of the L2ST Trading Framework for trading with High Probability and the greatest chance of Success! 
  • Access to the "Timing and Execution Webinar" - This covers what to look for in Price Action and Order Flow for better timing. There is a specific process that is covered in detail so that you can fully understand the whole process for better Timing and Execution.
  • Access to the L2ST Members ONLY Chat and Training Room- This is where are the LIVE Training is provided daily!
  • Access to "A Traders Mindset Webinar" - This webinar talks about the conscious, unconscious minds and how they impact your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and emotional responses that typically lead to results and behaviours whilst trading.
  • All Market Delta Chart Definitions and Layout files to replicate chart set-ups and indicators.
  • Pre- Market Analysis Planning Tools.
  • The "Traders Discipline Building Toolbox", Which includes: Peak Performance Trading Tools, A Traders Business Plan template and lots more.
  • NEW On-going Email Support and Mentoring from Kam Dhadwar through his personal email address.


"I've been a member for about 6 months and it has really changed the way I trade. With a clearly defined structure I now always know what to focus on for the next trading session."
Patric - Sweden

What to Expect daily in our Training\Mentorship Room Daily:

  • Pre-Market Analysis for the US Indexes and Energy Markets, mainly focusing on Crude Oil (CL), Brent Oil, E-mini S&P (ES), Emini Nasdaq (NQ) and Mini Dow (YM) will be shared towards the close of the live session so you can be prepared for the US session.
  • A review of current Market Structure using a top-down approach from longer times frames down to the shorter term intra-day charts.
  • Key Levels of Interest as derived from Market and Volume Profiling Techniques.
  • Potential Trade Execution prices are shared, Including potential Scale-in and Scale-out opportunities on a position.
  • All Profit targets are called and explained why they make sense be used in Real-Time
  • An open forum for questions from all room members in a chat room environment. The topics discussed may included but not limited to:
    • Market Profile and Volume Profile Trading Analysis and Trading Methods.
    • Price Action Analysis and Trading.
    • Order Flow Analysis covering MarketDelta Footprint & Time and Sales Trading techniques.
  • A Huge emphasis on the importance of the Psychology of Trading. Special Emphasis on Risk taking and Building Belief, Confidence and Discipline.



"Without a doubt the best education you will find to get you on the road to being a profitable trader"
Danny - United Kingdom


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