Advanced Risk Management and Position Sizing Strategies

In this new presentation by Kam Dhadwar, he will explain how to actually practice better risk management for the use of position sizing and dynamic risk management techniques that he has learnt from over 17 years of trading.

This will be quite different to the majority of risk management strategies that you may have already learned.

Come teaches the same strategies to some of the top traders in the proprietary trading industry within the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Some of what you will learn includes:

  • Most effective ways on how to manage risk for your trading account overall.
  • Importance of understanding gain to recovery.
  • Understanding how to dynamically manage risk according to account fluctuations as your Account increases in capital and decreases.
  • Learn how to create position sizing models for different products that you may trade.
  • Learn how to manage risk throughout the day, as trades are being taken many traders lose focus on their account capital and therefore forget to modify risk through position sizing throughout the trading day. However this is ESSENTIAL.

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Advanced Risk Management Strategies

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